As a Corporate or Individual VIP Concierge Club Member with TBSVIP, you will have access to customize all of your itineraries, both for business and pleasure, with your dedicated VIP Host.

Flights to and from anywhere in the world. Car service to the airport, hotel, dinner when traveling with family, friends and clients. Guided private tours in cities all around the world.

Dinner reservations for large group outings with special accommodations to commemorate an evening with your colleagues. Sit back. Let us do all the work.

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Whether you are hosting a private dinner with 30 of your colleagues, celebrating an anniversary with your loved one, dining with an investor who is town for only 24 hours OR throwing a surprise party for your friend who is getting married, the reservation with TBSVIP is waiting for you.

Private cooking class with your favorite Chef at your house? Check, please!


As a VIP Member with us, you won’t have to worry about who is driving to the event, airport or hotel. Security check-points at the airport? Non-existent with us.

We’ll customize your travel so the only finger you lift is to call us to tell us all the specifics that are required to make the trip a memorable one!

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Travel. Luxuriously.

Private island destinations. Personal butlers. Private cabanas and exotic lounges. Private yacht tours.

Becoming a VIP with us will expose you to a whole new meaning of traveling luxuriously.

Escape from the normalcy and from the crowded beaches and resorts.