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“I Don’t Think Brandon Sleeps. Every time I reach out to him with a question, he replies within 30 seconds or less!”

The above is what you will hear often when asked to describe Brandon in one breath.

It all clicked and came to life in 2012 when Brandon started to connect with individuals who were looking for a new way to attend events on the East Coast.

There was a shift in the way these individuals wanted to attend events and the type of experience they desired. The days of simply purchasing tickets for concert, attending the show with a friend and then going home right after were coming to an end.

Fans were now interested in purchasing premium seating, entering the arenas early before the public, meeting athletes/artists/the entire band backstage, enjoying the event as a VIP with their friends and family for a memory that would last a lifetime.

Quickly, Brandon began to notice this shift in the entertainment industry and leveraged all of his contacts and relationships that he built up over the years. It was then, Brandon started position himself as everyone’s “go-to guy” for anything entertainment and VIP experience related. An untapped market-space was about to be captured.

Think about it for 2 minutes. Or 60. There isn’t a single company like TBSVIP Concierge in New England that has the access and capabilities to bring to life these types of experience that initially seem “too good to be true”. Additionally, the type of customer service and customer loyalty incentives that TBSVIP and their team provides is unmatched and unparalleled to anything an individual has been exposed to.

Our services may seem “foreign” to many, but they can be taken advantage of by individuals, working professionals and athletes across the world.

Through networking, relationship building and being “in the know” over the last decade, Brandon has been able to bring to life the “impossible” for clients nationwide. Everything from all-access at THE GRAMMYS, backstage with Migos/The Weeknd/Backstreet Boys/Post Malone to meet & greet experiences with LeBron James, Michelle Obama, Bill & Hilary Clinton, John Legend, Brad Marchand and hundreds more.

Individual clients started to transition into corporations that were looking for new, unique and exciting ways to either a.) entertain their clients b.) reward their employees c.) celebrate success and establish new relationships in the community. All three of which TBSVIP has successfully been achieving with businesses in every industry.

Brandon discovered companies weren’t content with the simple “dinners in the city with the sales team” or “laser tag” with the office members for a team bonding exercise. Businesses were able to see the value in having access to a new VIP concierge service at their finger tips and started to look for exclusive, outside of the box experiences that would resonate with everyone & enhance the corporate entertainment in the office.

Fast forward to present day, Brandon and our team at TBSVIP has been able to establish working relationships with some of the largest companies in the world, assisting with their corporate entertainment throughout the entire year. To name a few…

WeWork, Mass General Hospital, Charles Schwab, Cedars Sinai Hospital, Stryker, Prime Motor Group, Gibson, Alira Health, Premier Smile Orthodontics, Wolf Greenfield, Sotheby's International Realty, Cleveland Clinic, International Concierge Association in Boston, Fish and Richardson & more.